Welcome to the Clean Power Finance Learning Center. This site contains a series of educational courses designed to help your solar business succeed. Watch the video to get a brief overview of how it works and what you'll learn.

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    This short course walks you through the enhancements made as part of the CPF Tools 2.5 update. Videos in this course can be found in other courses throughout the site, however, we've aggregated them all here for quick reference. Please note: Depending on your role at your company, some videos may or may not pertain to you. 

    This course is made up of several topics that guide you through all the essential steps and best practices for using CPF Tools. You'll be taken through creating a lead all the way to having a homeowner Docusign a Consumer Agreement. This course is suitable for everyone but Sales Reps and CPF Tools Administrators are highly encouraged to complete this course.


    This course is intended for CPF Tools Administrators only. As such, not everyone will need to take this course. In general, the topics within this course go over CPF Tools customization for your company. 

    Topics Cover:

    • Adding Modules and Equipment
    • Setting Up Quick Templates and Proposals
    • Users and Permissions
    • Pricing Structures

    Selling Finance Product Basics introduces you to the new way of doing Residential solar. We like to call it "Solar 2.0". This course explains to you the concepts of Solar Financing as well as basics on how to sell it.

    Topics include:

    • Solar-As-A-Service
    • PPA & Lease Basics
    • Prequalifying A Homeowner
    • Handling Homeowner Objections & FAQs
    • Homeowner Credit Check

    This course covers the various stages of the Clean Power Finance deal process with a focus on what documents are needed and tips to ensure a smooth deal. This course is essential for any Clean Power Finance Channel Partner Operations person as it explains the deal process in excellent detail. 

    Topics include:

      • Deal Process Overview
      • The Homeowner Packet
      • The Installer Packet
      • The Sale Stage
      • Submitting A Shade Study
      • The Build Stage 
      • Avoiding PTO before IC
      • The Activate Stage 
      • Common Deal Processing Mistakes